June 16, 2023

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My Second Pregnancy with my Angel Baby Girl  


  1. ANILA says:

    It’s really tragic that you have to go through all this.
    You as a health professional can’t do anything so think what happens to people who have no medical awareness.. sad… But I’m glad that you are feeling better and hopefully you will be more healthier day by day. You know how important you are to all of us. We all love you and salman a lot. Be strong bacha
    Love you a lot

    • Yasmeen Rajwani says:

      It is really heartbreaking that you had to go through this. I was getting goosebumps reading your story. We are thankful to God for your good health. Hopefully you will be more stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. I hope no one else has to to go through this. May God bless you and your beautiful family. We love you guys so much.

  2. Sahare Wazirali says:

    First of all, thank you for sharing your story. It breaks my heart to hear the name you have kept for her. Your bravery, stillness and strength are remarkable. Sanera Sanna Khoja, baby girl, we love you and your mom and dad and brother (and all who healed/prayed for you) did their very best to bring you here.

    Your post is poignant and clear— that this is caused by a systemic issue that prevents families from making sound decisions. On top of an already tragic situation. In stead of focusing on the pain and grief, you have no choice but to observe the inadequacies of how OB/GYN is designed and delivered (no pun intended) in our country.
    I have a question— you mentioned that outside of Texas they would have given you other options. Does the losing of all the blood happen regardless of the access to these options? You’re saying that could have been prevented, correct?

    Again, thank you for sharing. I would love to share with people I know who have gone through similar tragedies.

  3. Shara Woodlee says:

    I can only imagine the strength it took to write this. I am so sorry for everything you and your family have experienced this last month. Our system here in Texas is atrocious.

  4. Jennifer orlowsky says:

    so sorry for your loss. I had a fetal demise at 16 weeks with my bahy girl and delivered at home didn’t realize I was having contractions luckly my husband wouldn’t let me see anything

  5. Sheila Lakhani says:

    Hi Sanna. 😔

    I’m sorry for your loss- what a journey it has been for you. Praying for your healing. Please stay strong. I just wanted to send you a note and tell u that u are in my thoughts and prayers

    Love to Salem and Salman 🌈

  6. Fatima K says:

    I am so sorry you and your family had to go through this. I hope the physical, mental, and emotional healing from this loss and trauma come soon. It’s so sad that women have to go through this. Glad you’re okay. Hope you’re getting rest.

  7. Manisha Panjwani says:

    Oh Sanna…I can’t stop crying reading this. I’m so so sorry! Being an IVF sister, I know this journey is hard as is but to have an angel baby, I wish this on no one. Please take care of yourself- praying for Sanera’s soul and for your family to heal.

  8. Komal Singh says:

    I’m so utterly sad to read about your journey with baby girl. I also agree that the men in the higher ups should not decide what happens to a women’s body. I hope you and your family heal and send positive vibes/prayers your way.

  9. Salima Mithani says:

    I don’t know you as a person but always follow your stories and blogs. I’m so sorry for your loss but I am glad you are alive and baby girl is in peace now. Lots of prayers for you and your family.

  10. Natalie Alanis says:

    I am saddened by your story, and so sad for your loss 🙁 I wish all the peace and comfort in the world for you, and healing that floods your body, mind, and soul. I’m sorry this happened🙏🏽❤️

  11. Gulnar Sheikh says:

    Sanna, I’m so incredibly sorry. Thank you so much for being open and brave enough to share your journey. It sounds absolutely terrifying and I’m so glad they were able to stop the bleeding. Sending you so many hugs, I know how much you were looking forward to life with Sanera. Prayers for all of you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Someone I know had me read your post and sad to say I know exactly how you feel/felt. I, like you, had felt those same emotions this May. Almost at the exact same time. I had a ruptured membrane and was sent home twice from the ER. I was pregnant with twins and only one of the membranes had ruptured while the other one was intact. They sent me home because I didn’t look “sick” enough to induce labor. I was given two choices to miscarry or to get an infection. Finally on day 3 I rushed back to ER with a heart rate of 160s and fever of 102+. I had sepsis. It sounds ridiculous to even say this but I nearly died. That’s what it took for the doctors to finally induce. I was so, so sad about losing my children but also so F*** mad. No woman or family should ever have to be put in such a difficult position.

    • Mehaa says:

      First of all, you’re so so brave for sharing your story. Secondly, it’s so heartbreaking to read the story about your baby girl. Third, the men in the higher ups shouldn’t take control over women’s bodies. I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m glad you’re alive and well. Sunera is watching over you.

  13. Natasha Jamal says:

    I am sorry to hear about your story and the loss of your precious baby girl. I also had an experience that, luckily, happened in Illinois where I was able to make a decision. If I were in Texas now, I am sure it would have been impossible. I am glad that you are okay. Wishing you peace and comfort during this time.

  14. Zahra Ali says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. You and your family are so brave and I’m so saddened to hear the unfortunate truth of living in Texas. I’ve feared this situation and I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I pray you and your sweet family find peace ♥️

  15. Kinnari says:

    Just lost my baby boy at 16 weeks and I can truly feel what you went through.

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